What is the Trump Carrot conspiracy?

Over centuries, famine has plagued the world. A lack of food has taken the lives of many. But not carrots, carrots are triumphant. But why is this? Why are carrots the only vegetable that have never been famined? I have finally found the answer. Carrots are intelligent creatures from space.


You may be saying that this is impossible, or that this is a stupid conspiracy. But i will provide the facts. For one, intelligent creatures tend to not go extinct or endangered. Take humans for example, we have no claws or fangs, nor a defense mechanism. The only weapon we have is the brain. The same situation exists with the carrot, they have no defense mechanism, so therefor they are intelligent.


Also, the only intelligent hypothesis I can provide for them being aliens is this. As far as we can see, a carrot has no brain nor organs. But, if they did not have these things they would not be as intelligent as they are. But, what we are looking for isn’t a brain, we are looking for a familiar object of this earth that provides intelligence. Therefor, their brain must be something that cannot be identified by humans because we are unaware of the bio structure of alien creatures.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 6.27.57 PM

The second part of the conspiracy theory is the scariest. Why did carrots come down to earth? Why have they not presented themselves? The answer is that they were waiting for the proper time to strike and take over mankind. Finally, when the time arises they would elect one carrot to humanize itself into a familiar intelligent form to dominate earth. That form is Donald Trump. By now it should be obvious to the masses. The amount of controversy he is starting and the extremely orange skin proves it. DONALD TRUMP IS AN ALIEN CARROT SENT TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD.


Author: thetrumpcarrotconspiracy

Check out my instagram @trumpisacarrot Get latest news by subscribing to this channel about the trump-carrot conspiracy theory. Remember, never trust a carrot.

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